About Us


Your Global Logistics Partner

When you are so proficient at moving people to and from Canada, agents ask you to move product too so….

PI Logistics is a global freight forwarder with two locations in Canada, the Greater Toronto Area and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (we like to think it’s the centre of Canada). As your global logistics partner, we can ship your cargo and freight domestically within Canada, cross border to our neighbours in the USA and internationally to anyone of our valued partners around this big beautiful planet of ours.

Today’s world allows us to buy all kinds of things, start our own business, order up samples and explore client bases that were so difficult to reach in the past. Small, medium and large companies are using trusted freight forwarders to reduce their shipping costs through bulk purchasing.

FREIGHT...Our second favourite "F" word, after FLYNN!


Flynn International

Flynn International is dedicated to providing comfort to those who are moving homes to or from Canada. Our international representation is expanded across this big beautiful planet as we consider our partner agents to be an extension of our Flynn International family. Careful consideration is given to every relocation that is trusted into our hands and the main reason why we have a high referral rate and repeat client base.


UPakWeShip Canada is a DIY service in an à la carte fashion. Much like changes to the airline industry, our clients can pick and choose the service that they require for small to large shipments giving them the financial flexibility they are looking for. UPackWeShip is exactly that. Our clients pack and load and we manage, assist and ship it for them.  Our difference and what our customers like the most is that the cost of the service is based on the size of the container or the volume and not the weight. UPakWeShip supplies a Ucrate and our clients know the cost up front for shipping that size of container. It’s that convenient.

This system is not limited to relocation clients as we also offer this service to our valued partnered agents who do not have the infrastructure to manage small shipments in a fluid and profitable manner.